If you are in the projected path of Hurricane Florence and there is any doubt that you will be told to evacuate Leave Immediately !!!!!!

Do so now before you get stuck there!!

Do not make the same mistake that cost the precious lives and property of many gulf coast residents by not leaving for Hurricane Katrina because they under estimated how serious the warnings were.

I lived about 250 miles north of Gulfport, MS when Katrina hit and I had friends who had roof damage and no electricity from the spinoff of that hurricane.

Florence is now a category 4. It is devastating enough now when it hits land. If it goes category 5 it will be catastrophic. There will be nothing but concrete slabs left of businesses and houses where it hits.

Hurricane Florence is not worth your family’s life. Please get out now before it’s to late!!!!!!

Please pass this along to your friends and family who live in the path of Hurricane Florence.



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