Certain things are beyond our control.  You can no more predict what the next sunset will look like than you can know where the wind blows.  We’re just not capable of knowing the great meanings of life.  Sometimes when we ask why things happen the only answer is just, that it’s just that way.  You can try and try to figure out life, but in the end, the love you have given and received is the only thing you can take with you.

Are you tired and weary?  I know a place where mercy flows.  It’s when you invite Jesus into your heart that all things start becoming possible, we just have to surrender to him. Slow down and listen for his word.  His words are everywhere, they always have been. It’s just up to us to be still and listen.

And the next time you pray for an angel, stand up and put on the armor of GOD that he has given you.  The devil can not beat it no matter how much he tries. 

Finally, be someones else angel, he did send you for a reason by the way.  Hard times are real, even the best fall down.  But it’s when we fall that we learn to pick ourselves back up. Always remember, the good LORD may be tough, but he ain’t blind.

He is talking to you.  Shhhh…….listen, can you hear him?

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