The democrats have so much to hide that they are acting like antifa children instead of senators.

Look at today’s nomination hearing and see for yourself how scared the democrats are. There must be something big about to break to make them act this way.

It is obvious that the democrat senators that started the disruption should be reprimanded and the antifa people removed.

This deflection by the democrats is nothing more than a magic show to keep you looking at the right hand while concealing what really happening on the left.

OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE! There is more of this magic show to come. Something big is about to happen to the democrats and they want it concealed at ALL costs.

What pitiful and demonic people the democrats in congress are. A vote for any democrat is a vote for satan.

Enjoy the show because the patriots that voted and defends our great President Trump will drain the swamp and WIN.






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