I saw a tweet from @sesamestreet the other day about an event I had never heard of before.

After reading up on the subject it gave me some grave concerns about what is being taught to our children up under our noses. First off, did you know eid al-adha is listed on a lot of US holiday calendars? Look it up on your smartphone calendar yourself.

Next, when I looked up official holidays in the month of August online I found this.

Open your eyes Patriots. We are being attacked from within, silently through our children by radical islam. And if you didn’t know it radical islam is nothing more than a terrorist hate group like antifa, but a thousand times worse disguised as a religion.

I find it very sad that an institution like Sesame Street has fallen. Please open your eyes and educate yourself so that you can be aware of what is silently happening to our Great country.

Finally, we are being spiritually attack by evil itself. Satan wants you to be ignorant, angry and divided.

But I have Great news for you Patriots and you don’t have to remember but two things.

1. Lookup John 14:6 in the Holy Bible.


Please give you soul to Jesus!




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