Last night was a real treat for Natasha and I.

We went to a historic former movie palace that had been restored to a representation of its former glory.
And let me tell you. Once you entered it’s lobby, the word glory is an extream understatement.

Fox theatre was built in 1929 along with four other movie palaces throughout the United States to showcase the FOX movies of the day and also any stage acts it could muster. Today it seats a little over 4100 people.

As I sat I could imagine a silent movie being played with a organ who’s pipes were shouting at its highest level. You could feel the electricity of all its former shows being played at the same time along with a packed audience you could not see still watching with amazement. You could tell the show went on in the fox theater even though the doors were closed and the lights were off.

Not only was it my first time in a movie palace. It was also my first time to see a professional off Broadway musical play called WICKED. It was an amusing story for fans like me who still enjoy watching THE WIZARD OF OZ. To sum the story up in a nutshell, it’s the prequel to the movie the was probably also shown there. Kinda ironic isn’t it.

I wish you could have felt what I did. It was truly Majestic to see and behold. It is a great memory now.

What a night…





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