At the time it didn’t seem real when I heard it. I wanted it to be something that I remembered in a bad dream. But it wasn’t meant to be because it was indeed real, Robin Williams had committed suicide and I didn’t want to accept it for some reason. Like may of us, I knew of some people that were close to me that had either committed suicide or attempted suicide when I was young. So I know how it feels to family and friends when this tragic thing happens to so many of those who scream “let me out”. Like the song “under pressure” sung by Queen says. Nobody should ever have to help a family member into an ambulance after a failed attempt at suicide and no one should NEVER EVER have to load one of their best high school buddies into a body bag after he has committed suicide. Those tragedies were among the top driving factors that turned me to a career of helping people. And experiences like those… do change a person.

I just recently retired from a career in law enforcement that spanned almost twenty five years so I have been on many tragic scenes and it was NEVER easy to me. I hope none of you ever have to witness and do the things I had to do on such scenes because in this instance, ignorance is indeed bliss. No doubt about it.

So how do we keep the people we love from doing such a horrible thing as suicide? The answer is sometimes very simple and sometimes the answer is that you never can stop it, no matter what you do. Just know that it wasn’t your fault that the person did it to him or her self. The main thing to know is, STOP AND LISTEN. Most times, but not every time, people will tell you things that should throw up “Red Flags”. But it is only in hind sight that most people realize what was said because they were just to busy to comprehend it or the person just didn’t care.

I know that is a hard thing to say about people but it’s the truth in a lot of situations, not just with things that end with suicide. A majority of all of the senseless violence I saw during my career could have been alleviated if somebody had just stopped and listened instead of running their mouth.

In the end we are all our brothers keepers and a lot of us need to stop for a moment and start being just that. If you only remember one thing from me remember this. You need to be part of the solution that this world needs and stop being the problem that too many people are.

So in the words of President J. F. K. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

We all owe a death. I just hope to hear “ENTER MY GOOD SERVANT” when the good LORD says it’s my time.

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