I miss you my dear mother

I often don’t know what to do

Sometimes I feel like a little boy

Still trying to step deep into your shoes

I write things down on paper

Just like daddy did on certain days

I think of you two very often

You are in my heart always

Sometime I think I hear you

Inside my racing mind

But when I stop to listen

I miss it every time

I wish you would appear before me

So I can see that your ok

Just smile at me for a second

And tell me we will meet again one day

I don’t know how you did it

So majestic in all your ways

Every moment I spent with you

Were always loving and caring days

I hope you are still proud of me

I’m now just a flesh and blood old man

Still crying like a little boy

Wanting to hold his mothers hand

But know I can not touch you

I ache for my mothers feel

Please reach inside my heart once more

It needs you so it can heal

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One Response to A BOY AND HIS MOTHER

  1. Natasha says:

    You are my heart baby!!! I love you!!

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