What does this holiday season appear to mean to man of the twenty first century? 

To many I am sorry to say, it’s just going out and buying things for those you don’t really care for. It’s a contest for many to show who has the most money and the biggest ego. To others it is a sad reminder of those whom have died and missing the good times that was had with them. And in a funny way, for some it’s having to spend time with other family members that you wish were dead by the end of the holidays.

But let’s not forget what this holiday season means to Jews, Gentiles and Muslims alike.   You see It doesn’t really matter what you call your holiday season because we all believe in the God of Abraham, we are all human and we all experience both love and hurt.  And never forget that the light of GOD and love will always vanquish the darkness of hurt and evil. 

And in the end, GOD and family is what its really all about.  

Let’s Not forget.

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  1. Natasha says:

    I love you baby! Thanks for your thoughts! It’s true! Thanks for shopping with me anyways!!! Lol

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