Sure, at some point in all of our lives we think about doing it but how many of us actually do.  I think that for the most part, our lives and problems are consumed by what’s going on in our own little bubble rather than our own community.  The rat race is just a part of life and I am sorry to say that most of us live in a out of sight – out of mind mentality.  But if we all are so busy in our own little world who helps the ones who get left behind?

I know what you are gonna say right? “I pay my taxes for problems such as these so let “THOSE” people go there.  In my mind that sounds a whole lot like what Ebenezer Scrooge said in a Christmas Carol.  But that is the kind of thinking I am sorry to say that the majority still thinks.  But there are things that we all can do.  And we can do them without distress to our own lives if we would all just stop for a moment and think of how to help those other than ourselves.

Each of us has a GOD given talent that could be used to the aid of our fellow brothers.  Let’s take a moment during this Christmas season and help a needy person.  Let’s be the miracle that someone needs. The Angel that someone so desperately needs this time of year.    

And that’s how you make a difference in this world. You do it by taking small footsteps with one person at a time.


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