Today I had the honor of watching one of the greatest things in life while at the same time witnessing the worst thing about it also.

Recently, while I was visiting at the hospital I saw a husband saying goodbye to a dying wife that he desperately loved for more years than many people get to just live their entire life.   As he sat next to her hospital bed and caressed her hand I could tell that he still saw and loved her exactly as the first day they met during world war two.  You could tell it was a love greater than any movie Hollywood could ever dream about portraying. So much so that when somebody in the room asked him if he needed or wanted anything, all he could say was that he wished he could go with her.

Marie and I were in ICU at the same time back late last year.  I told Frank when he came to visit me one of the many times that he did after seeing Marie that I promised I would check on her every chance I could while he was away. So that promise was one of the reasons that I used to force myself  out of that ICU bed.  Every day when I would pass by her open door she would smile and I would tell her that she needed to get out and get better because I wanted another one of her great spaghetti meals like she cooked for me just the month or so before.

If only I could be lucky enough to even have half of what those two had together. I don’t think I could want for anything more.

So when I tell you that it was an honor by me being there and experiencing that…. It was truly my honor.

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