If only I could change the world.  

But lets be real, it’s me that needs to change first.  Maybe change starts with each one of us, one on one. Without a doubt the world has been changing since the day I was born in 1972.

One of my first memory’s of the world outside of my little bubble is a horrible one now that I’m old enough to comprehend what wasn’t possible for me watching tv on 30 April 1975. But that never stopped me or my family from ever watching the evening news because we all knew ” and that’s the way it is” before we ate supper at the table every week night on a 13 inch black and white television.
Maybe making the world a better place means putting down our phones, turning off facebook for a week and actually going to see each other. Maybe we also need to turn the tv off and actually sit down at the supper table with our family each and every night and talk to each other. It’s really is ok to be able to tell your family anything. And lets not forget to surround ourselves with true life long friends. They are the ones who are supposed to have your backs when family isn’t around. I don’t know for a fact if doing any of this will really change the world.
Why not try doing something outside your comfort zone by being the miracle for somebody else who needs it. You might inspire somebody to follow your direction and they in turn will be the miracle for somebody else who needs it and so on.
Maybe by each of us doing just one thing, we all can change the world.

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