I have learned in my short lifetime that their are certain people ,or true friends if you will, in our lives that go out of their way for us and sometimes we don’t even realize it. They know of our sufferings and without us asking them, reach down into the hell we are in and help pull us out.  Sometimes even more than once. These people are the true angels in our lives and we can go an entire life time and never realize to say thank you to them. We take them for granted and think they will never leave us. It is only when the good lord takes them out of our lives that we then realize what we had and wish we had said something to them.
If by chance you are lucky enough to realize who your angels are… never be afraid to tell them that you love them.  Because without a doubt they love you also.
And true love is what makes your world go round and round. And that, my friend is the ultimate wisdom of the universe.

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