For the third time in my life I have somehow slipped the clutches of death. I would like to think I was saved by the angles to help a few more people who are destined to cross my path but maybe heaven isn’t quite ready for the BoBo friendly experience.  Because of these bad times my eyes have opened up a little more and I have come to realise some things are backwards in our world. I might not have said this before but we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for the idolism of million dollar bank accounts of sports figures, rock and tv stars when the true heroes of our world are the careing people who have asked and answered the question of what not their  country can do for them but what they can do to serve there country and their  fellow man and woman. These unknown poor heroes don’t do the things that matter because they are easy. They do them because they are hard, remember. I believe these people are the ones we need to consider our heroes and should be looked up to by our children as role models. Like the old saying goes. The next time something bad happens call your favorite rock star. Im sure he will be right over.

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