When was it that we became afraid to look at and greet each other as we pass.

I was recently sitting outside enjoying a beautiful day when this lady pulled up in her car to go inside a certain business. As she walked up to me to go inside I sad “good afternoon mam” to a lady. For some reason she wouldn’t even make eye contact with me just to even acknowledge I was there. I got the feeling she was afraid of me for some reason.

Now I don’t think I am a scary person but who knows what one really thinks when we first meet someone. Though I was just trying to be respectful and sociable like my mother and grandmother taught me to be she was just making a split second decision like we all have done at one time or another based on personal experience. I don’t hold any bad feelings toward her but for some reason it made me stop and think.

In todays world of no hoodies or sunglasses in the banks or quick stops of our world I have to wonder what has happened to us a people. Maybe it all starts with how people are raised today compared to how I was raised.

I can remember when I was a kid that if someone spoke to me and I didn’t reply I was in trouble. I can also remember summer without wearing any shoes and once I went outside in the morning to go out to play I had better not come back inside unless I had to go to the bathroom, it was an emergency or it was getting dark. And before you start worrying about the heat and no water you could bet there was a pitcher of water sitting on the patio table under a cool shade for me to drink in case I was thirsty. If I was too far away from the water picture every home in the neighborhood had a garden hose at our disposal because our neighbors knew that their yard was our yard to play in and they watched over us.

When I was a kid we walked a many of a mile back and forth down gravel roads and train tracks getting to and fro our secret forts and favorite swimming holes on the river. And yes we even did some of that walking barefooted like I mentioned earlier. We had a dog that followed us everywhere and I swear to this day he was smarter than I am now and I learned more about friendship and life from him when I was a kid than school ever taught me. I believe to this day that my mama set that dog down on day when he was just a pup and told him that if he wanted to stay at our house and eat our food he better watch over us kids when we went some where and he better keep us out of trouble.

Maybe the big ol world has us all so scared on the inside that we think that our past childhood isn’t possible for our own kids anymore. So the next time you see someone take just a second to say hello and smile to them. It just might make their day just a little more bearable. It might even make them recall yester year and how my world once was,  because I don’t see it that much anymore….

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